About Conner

If there was a music score to Conner Savoca’s life, it would begin with the strum of a banjo…

Born in Oregon and raised in Western Colorado, composer Conner Savoca began his musical journey early in life. At the age of six, Conner’s mom and dad encouraged him to play an instrument. He quickly started playing the banjo by ear. Intuitively, through hours of practice, he started to learn the nuances and joy of making music.
Conner's brothers and sisters learned instruments as well. Their family bluegrass band soon began performing dozens of concerts, locally and some across the state of Colorado.

Conner then began picking up the piano. Before long, he started plucking out melodies from music he heard all around him. He always had an ear for harmony. He tuned in to the music of films and radio. He listened again and again to his favorite music, and his favorite composers. He studied them, talked with them, and learned from their techniques.

Conner became more and more intrigued with the digital aspect of music composition, and in his early teens, he started developing his own studio. Because of digital music technology, he has the capability to deliver to his clients a beautiful, emotive score at a fraction of the price for hiring a live orchestra.

His good friend Pat Roy, the creator of the popular Jonathan Park audio adventure series, was impressed with this young man—not only his music, but his enthusiasm, diligence, and character, and he decided to give Conner the opportunity to compose the music score for a new show he was producing, Time Chroniclers.

Conner knows how to tune into the emotion of the story and creatively score the music to give wings to that emotion. He enjoys the challenge of taking on new styles, new genres, and is
always eager to take on the challenge of a new approach.
Conner is a composer for film, radio shows, TV, and all types of media. He’s young, eager to work, gain experience, build up a clientele, and is willing to take on any project, regardless of budget. Including yours!

Ultimately, Conner's utmost desire is to reflect The One who has been the true composer for all of his children…writing and playing His music through us.
Conner would love to hear from you so don't hesitate to connect with him for all your musical needs.
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